Come along for the ride

Metal wall art is a great way to add interest to a space indoor or outdoor. There is expert advise on the internet if that is what you are looking for on how to arrange and hang your new purchase. What I would say is that the piece should make you feel something and that using your intuition and trusting yourself is the best way to choose and buy a piece of wall art. 

If the wall art makes you feel positive then this will stimulate your health and wellbeing. We process images quicker than text and this can help in reducing physiological and cognitive stress which can improve cognitive function. At a time when stress levels are high and mental heath needs to be at the fore front of our awareness we have chosen a varied range of products from inspiring words and affirmations to nature, animals and novelty pieces

I have learnt that although one piece of wall art will help me reflect and rebalance another piece can make me smile and allow me to find joy in that moment. In this current time it has been exciting and empowering to be able to start a new venture and learn new skills such as writing a blog! and starting an instagram account where we have connected with other local Businesses and are able to support each other on this new journey. 

Thanks for connecting and catch up soon.

Rusper and Pines.

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