The Journey Continues........

Well, it has been a month since we launched our new business and it has been amazing. As a Family that had no idea how to make a Business work apart from reading articles and speaking to others that have done it before us we are very proud of how far we have come. We have been able to attend some local village fetes where we met some lovely people as well as being able to learn to put up a gazebo (ok it took over an hour and it was very stressful) but we did it. The experience of selling our lovely products whilst a dog show with over 60 different dogs attending and the bedlam that goes with that is a memory we will never forget. 

Also learning to set up in village halls came with its own challenges some had walls so we could show case our products but some had nothing but a table so that is when the creative thinking started. We purchased easels secondhand and foldable screens and recovered them and used families white table cloths so the black wall art stood out and we were able to create a stunning and very eye catching display and receive very positive feedback from customers and we were very impressed and happy that we were able to learn new skills and think out side of the box. 

Then the sales started to come and you would of thought that we had won the lottery. We received the ping that said our first on line sale had happened and the noise that came from our front room from us shouting and dancing around was again another memory that we will treasure always. I know that we will never take for granted the fact that other people love our products as much as us and that they are supporting our dreams to come true. 

This is a great opportunity to give you our sincere thanks and please carry on following us on Instagram and Facebook.  


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